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Job Architecture Design

We work with clients to apply a customized compensation philosophy to their job alignment and leveling approach. We partner with clients to give a structure and harmony to their job architecture. We've found that this ties directly to firm performance and employee engagement at our clients' firms.

Customized Solutions with Structured Approach

Our consultants are highly experienced and specialized in rewards topics for financial services sectors. We have developed a structured approach to job architecture and leveling. Since we partner closely with our clients, we have the ability to deliver customized, high-impact solutions that are specific to our clients' business needs. A clear job architecture and leveling approach is the first step to optimize a firm's total rewards offering and generate significant cost savings and ROI which increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.

To learn more about our compensation surveys that leverage our job architecture and mapping approach, please click here.

Job Structures and Alignment

We help clients build structures and their human capital by designing comprehensive frameworks of corporate and functional titles, promotion criteria, position descriptions, and pay banding. These elements provide clear career pathways, professional development, and cost control. Our customized job evaluations allow firms to use their internal competency models and performance management criteria as key drivers of a proprietary job evaluation methodology.

We partner with clients to map job families, functional titles, and job descriptions to a standardized, but customized approach. This allows our clients to perform strategic assessments of headcounts and an efficient allocation of resources. Even further, our clients' employees benefit from increased clarity around responsibilities associated with their roles and have the ability to set more impactful goals.

Job Leveling and Salary Banding

Our team works with clients to design salary systems that add structure around how base pay is defined and delivered, which eases administrative burden, helps control costs, streamlines recruitment processes, and gives employees a sense of fairness and objectivity. We are able to reference our proprietary database of salary data to inform our process and monitor clients' programs to ensure they are current and competitive.

By mapping employee salary bands and titles, we help clients simplify their benchmarking processes and helps define clear career paths for employees. Even further, we work with clients to monitor measurements of and avoid top-heaviness. By having standardized salary bands, we not only help clients manage their promotion process, but also open the doors for clients' employees to increase their internal mobility and have more impactful goal-setting.

Having clear title guidelines benefit both our clients and their employees through heightened employee engagement. To learn more about how employee engagement benefits our clients and how we can help improve engagement, please click here.

Aligning Employee Performance and Total Rewards

We help clients develop effective compensation strategies which balance performance, firm wide and individual, with reward by leveraging our proprietary database of detailed headcount, aggregate spend, productivity and payout ratio data. With increased regulatory, political / public attention turned to the pay equation our fact-based approach enables clients to understand how on-going adjustments to accruals will effect market position, and how to direct scarce dollars appropriately. All of our data is based on comprehensive market data, aggregated and normalized to market. We have the ability to connect reward data to firm financial performance, allowing us to provide industry specific performance recommendations.

To learn more about our talent solutions, including performance management and employee assessment, please click here.