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Regulatory Guidance

Our consultants work with clients to help them navigate the multitude of regulatory agencies that global financial institutions interact with throughout the year. We help our clients optimize their compensation strategy, in light of the unique business environment and the changing regulatory landscape.

Global, Focused Expertise

Our consultants focus their energies on the top of the house, working with both top management and compensation committees. We provide direction in benchmarking pay and performance, addressing regulatory issues, and assisting in the design of short, mid and long-term incentive plans that take into account the latest regulatory issues and risk assessments. Our recommendations are informed by real-time market intelligence, a wealth of tax and accounting expertise, and a firm-wide commitment to tracking compensation-related regulatory developments in the financial services industry.

Governance Assessments

Getting governance right requires far more than a check-the-box mentality. Leveraging our extensive research resources and governance expertise, we help our clients implement compensation governance programs that make sense for their business and stage of development, including:

  • Claw-Back Policies
  • Compensation Committee Independence Policies
  • Pay Mix and Pay Risk Assessments
  • Say-on-Pay Readiness and Disclosure Preparation
  • Severance and Change-in-Control Policies
  • Stock Ownership Guidelines and Holding Requirements

Recent Regulatory Updates

Our consultants regularly produce articles regarding the latest regulatory updates across the globe:

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