McLagan Business Performance

We partner with clients using client and industry data to improve profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Firms must rely on performance analytics to build market-focused organizations, improve returns on human capital, and monetize client impact.

Established competitors are being rocked by the impact of e-commerce and digital marketing, which is forcing firms to become more customer-centric, enhance customer experience management, and incorporate customer feedback into their business processes.

Our specialists benchmark financial and customer performance, then advise clients on how to optimize their business strategies by allocating resources to improve profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

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Banking & Capital Markets
Financial Benchmarking

Gauge provides an objective benchmark to compare an organization against its closest peers at a level that provides actionable results. We take revenue, expenses, and headcount by location and compare performance against peers at a granular business level, allowing firms to allocate resources in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Financial Services
Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales people are expensive resources that often operate remotely, interact directly with customers, and have significant impact on business results. Our sales force effectiveness approach accounts for proper customer targeting, organization deployment, sales talent management, and incentives, which are critical to our clients' success.

Wealth Management

Our financial benchmarking capabilities help performance-driven firms use data in their business improvement processes. Working with the leading private banks and brokerage firms, we enable our clients to track their performance relative to peers with benchmarks that are truly consistent in accounting approach and business segment.

Retail Brokerage
FA & Branch Benchmarking

Our retail brokerage FA and branch benchmarking capabilities help firms build performance-driven cultures. Working with leading industry brokerage firms, we enable our clients to track their performance relative to the competition with holistic, yet granular, benchmarks that support business improvement plans at all firm levels.

Banking & Capital Markets
Wallet Share Analysis

Our wallet share analytics are provided via a global quarterly survey focused on institutional equity performance. We partner with over 90 sell side brokers to deliver valuable market and positional analysis to support the account management process and firm’s institutional equities platform for an optimized business model.

Asset Management
Performance Intelligence

Conducted in partnership with Institutional Investor’s U.S. and European Institutes and Casey Quirk, we run an annual asset management business benchmarking study. The study benchmarks revenue, expenses, and headcount by location at a granular level, providing insights about asset management firm business results.

Financial Services
Infrastructure Analysis

Using unrivalled headcount, compensation, and performance data across financial services, technology, and general industries, we help clients understand the most effective way to manage the expense base and operating structure for one or multiple support functions by assessing how comparable organizations are structured.

Financial Services
Workforce Analytics

Using unrivalled headcount, compensation, and performance data across financial services, technology, and general industries, we help clients understand the most effective way to deploy and manage their overall headcount with the goal to improve business performance through people performance and refined location strategies.

Expense Benchmarking

McLagan offers operational benchmarking services for insurers through our subsidiary, Ward Group, the leading provider of benchmarking and best practices research for the insurance industry. We help firms measure the operating performance of insurance companies as a whole, compared to separate business units and by country or region.

Investment Services
Performance Benchmarking

We turn raw data into actionable information and business intelligence for post-trade institutions. We help our clients connect sales, expenses, headcount, compensation, and client experience client data to gain insights empowering management to make strategic business decisions and enhance business performance.

Sales Effectiveness

To drive growth in mortgage banking, you need to understand your relative market position and maximize your sales productivity by attracting and retaining the best talent and develop strategic plans. Across the industry, high performing mortgage firms use a range of benchmarks to determine how their sales teams are performing.

Retail Bank
Branch Optimization

We help clients ensure that retail branch staffing models, compensation expense, and productivity are aligned, particularly as retail banking economics and customer behaviors evolve. Our consultants deliver information that allows clients to quantify, analyze, and develop strategies related to core branch attributes.

U.S. Regional Banks
Enterprise Benchmarking

We work with senior leaders at U.S. based regional banks to benchmark financial performance at a detailed level against peers and identify opportunities to improve operating efficiency. We help clients make informed decisions, focusing attention, resources, and action where they are most needed.

Wealth Management
Client Experience

Together, McLagan and Scorpio Partnership use market leading performance and customer insight databases to build strategies that respond to the evolving challenges of the modern wealth manager. We help you to connect the dots between client experience, wealth manager performance indicators, and business results.