Banking and Capital Markets Wallet Share Analysis

Our wallet share analytics are provided via a global quarterly survey focused on institutional equity performance. We partner with over 90 sell side brokers to deliver valuable market and positional analysis to support the account management process and firm’s institutional equities platform for an optimized business model.

Competitive Positioning Insights

Our team provides insight into the position each broker occupies within the competitive landscape and an in-depth understanding of the institutional client base. We track the activity of investors in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We provide position benchmarking and tracking, focus list critique, strategic decision support, productivity and profit maximization, and opportunity analysis. Coverage in our analyses includes:

Sell Side Brokers Represented Globally

Individual Institutional Investors Covered

Financial Services Firms with Compensation Data

Addressable Wallet and Opportunity Analysis

We help firms define their addressable wallet by developing a deep understanding of participant firm business models. This allows us to identify target markets, payment channels, products, and regions of interest for our clients.

As the secondary commission wallet has become increasingly complex over recent years, buy-side firms are taking advantage of different products and execution channels to achieve their investment goals. It has become increasingly important for sell-side firms to understand the drivers of each product subset and focus their resources to an appropriate target wallet.

Our analysis offers firms ability to customize their view of the market, stripping out non-focus products to provide an addressable view and accessible opportunity. We further enhance our clients' analyses by creating firm specific focus lists, which guides a more productive allocation of resources to maximize our clients' return on investment.

Productivity and Profitability Statistics

We provide key productivity statistics across each of the major business lines across equities and an in-depth understanding of the scale, revenue profile, and business costs in a particular region in comparison to peers.

We help clients determine their optimal resourve allocation usins an analysis of productivity statistics across different locations. By benchmarking revenue and cost drivers versus the market, we give our clients a deeper understanding of how brokers can progress toward revenue and rank on targets. Using our comprehensive data, we identify areas of over spend and ensure key performance indicators stay in line with revenue production and assess the impact of different product mixes and staffing models.

Benchmarking Headcount and Footprint

Headcount analyses provide in depth analysis of a firm’s business scale and footprint versus a set of customizable peers within determined markets of interest. Our headcount and footprint benchmarking helps firms understand their competitive position and realize any opportunities for adjustment, aiding in the allocation of resources and guiding impactful human capital decisions.

We provide the ability to break down the data by specified divisions, roles, titles, and global regions. By combining our report with revenue data, firms can determine key metrics, such as cost per head and revenue per head, to determine productivity per unit of labor.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

In addition to our standard reports, we provide tiered institutional lists that detail granular account level details using customizable parameters. For greater impact, we assist clients by developing a list of focus accounts that would be most advantageous for a firm to target to provide realistic performance benchmarks and to aid resource allocation decisions.

Service Levels

All of our clients are assigned a dedicated relationship manager to provide support throughout the analyses and implementation process. We offer three levels of service with varying degrees of customization.

  • Our Standard Level provides access to Revenue GPS reporting tool and trends report.
  • Our Premium Level also includes the ability to customize reporting, in person results presentations, and more tailored analyses.
  • Our Partnership Level is our most premium service, offering bespoke analyses to help clients identify revenue opportunities at a market and institutional level and tailored monitoring reports and dashboards.

Complimentary to our Revenue GPS wallet share solutions, we provide industry specific compensation surveys and rewards advisory solutions to assist clients with their compensation, performance, and talent strategies.