Retail Bank Branch Optimization

We help clients ensure that retail branch staffing models, compensation expense, and productivity are aligned, particularly as retail banking economics and customer behaviors evolve. Our consultants deliver information that allows clients to quantify, analyze, and develop strategies related to core branch attributes.

Adapt to a Dynamic Retail Banking Environment

Retail banks are seeing significant cost cutting initiatives, declining retail branch foot traffic, changing customer behaviors, and the continued expansion of digital banking channels. These dynamics have forced banks to reevaluate and adapt their branch banking human capital strategies. We help clients by delivering actionable information related to branch headcount, expense, and productivity.

Branches with
Reported Attributes

Full Time Employees
per Branch

Revenue per
Full Time Employee

Compensation Expense as a Percentage of Revenue

Detailed Analysis at Regional, Market, and Branch Levels

Our reports provide banks with actionable branch network data, focusing on headcount and staffing mix, compensation expense, and productivity data.

  • We collect data at the branch level and provide detailed scoping of branches by size, age, type, or geographic location.
  • We analyze KPIs down to a local market level, which allows firms to see a true representation of market differentials.
  • Regional and market level reports help banks understand their competitive position, while branch level analytics measure the performance of individual branches relative to the overall network and competitors.

Objective, Actionable Analysis

Our methodology and proprietary database helps map each participant’s data into a common framework. A rigorous audit process ensures integrity of the data source. Results compared to other participating companies data provides meaningful and actionable apples-to-apples data.