Financial Services Infrastructure Benchmarking

Using unrivaled headcount, compensation, and performance data across financial services, technology, and general industries, we help clients understand the most effective way to manage the expense base and operating structure for one or multiple support functions by assessing how comparable organizations are structured.

Competitive Positioning Insights

Infrastructure means many things to many people, but we define it as the support functions or non-revenue producing parts of the organization. These functions include IT, operations, finance, risk, compliance, HR, internal audit, corporate services, and anything managed centrally outside of the front office.

Typical client questions we help answer include:

  • What is the right expense base for my function?
  • Where is the best place to locate my staff?
  • What proportion of my workforce should be externalized?
  • Should I centralize or decentralize my workforce?
  • Do I have the right number of Managing Directors and Directors, and are they making the right impact?

General Ledger Expense Submissions

Scaled Metrics to Quantify Pay for Functions Relative to Business Units Supported

Locations Available for Analysis

Our Infrastructure Benchmarking Process and Solutions

By assessing how comparable organizations are structured, we help firms define and optimize their expense base for each of their business units or control functions. Our solutions range from a management expense summary to a more detailed review of the people and non-people costs, combining the workforce analytics with non-compensation items. In order to reach the optimal strategy, we review our clients' external expenses and headcount under management.

Our process starts with a fundamental understanding of scaling metrics. Absolute numbers are a useful starting point but we use a combination of business metrics, such as revenues, front office headcount, and type of business, that allow us to quantify actionable expense and headcount gaps to market.

Expense Analysis

We help firms define the right number of people to support each of their business units or control functions.

This analysis supports full time employee workforce planning. We are increasingly asked to work with clients to define and track their complete staffing model, which includes adding a comparable view of contracting and headcount provided by outsourcing vendors.

Workforce Planning

To best serve our clients, we are able to provide basic headcount comparisons and intermediate analysis on the relative seniority and location mix. At times, we work with our clients on more complex analyses of their operating structure management structures within the organization to ensure we are providing the best solutions customized to their needs.

To learn more about our workforce analytics capabilities, please click here.

Enhanced Analysis

For greater impact, we work with clients to not only scale results to business size, but to test additional factors such as IT investment, HQ presence, and global footprint has on their financial performance.

Service Levels

Projects typically range from 8 to 16 weeks. We pride ourselves on first rate project management, including exceptional after-sales service. All of our clients are assigned a dedicated relationship manager to support interpretation and implementation of our analyses.

We offer three levels of service with varying degrees of customization.

  • Our Standard Level provides access to a management expense dashboard and key headcount metrics scaled to business size.
  • Our Premium Level includes more granular analysis within each function, analysis per business supported, and more detailed workforce metrics of location strategy and grade profiles.
  • Our Partnership Level is our most premium service, combining detailed expense analysis with the full range of workforce analytics including analysis into management and operating structures.