Mortgage Sales Effectiveness

To drive growth in mortgage banking, you need to understand your relative market position and maximize your sales productivity by attracting and retaining the best talent and develop strategic plans. Across the industry, high performing mortgage firms use a range of benchmarks to determine how their sales teams are performing.

Improve Sales Effectiveness to Optimize Performance

We are now providing an unprecedented view on the strategic and human capital positioning of mortgage loan originators. We have developed an interactive suite of data applications and analytics called Mortgage Sales Effectiveness. This product is a key tool for annual planning and supplements the already robust information we provide in the mortgage banking compensation survey program.

Sales people are expensive resources that often operate remotely from headquarters, interact directly with customers, and have significant impact on business results. Given these factors, we believe that proper performance tracking, compensation structures, sales talent management, and motivation of sales people are critical to our clients' success.

We have the most comprehensive database of pay and performance information for sales roles in the mortgage industry. The database includes:


Independent Mortgage Banks Represented


Key Metrics

Market Leading Repository of Performance & Rewards Data

For over a decade, we have maintained the industry leading repository of performance and rewards data for U.S. mortgage originators. Our market analytics will show your precise position relative to multiple peer groups, distribution channels within, and geographies. No more relying on ad hoc or anecdotal data gathered through interactions with job candidates or recent hires.

In addition to our robust analytics, we provide support and guidance as you review your market insights. You’ll have confidence knowing that your decisions are fully informed and backed by empirical evidence of your company data relative to the market as a whole or filtered based upon your specific needs.