Asset Management Performance Intelligence

Conducted in partnership with Institutional Investor’s U.S. and European Institutes and Casey Quirk, we run an annual asset management business benchmarking study. The study benchmarks revenue, expenses, and headcount by location at a granular level, providing insights about asset management firm business results.

Global Intelligence, Focused Expertise

Our team is a leader in the industry, working as a partner with clients to benchmark revenue, expenses, and headcount by location and compare performance against peers at a granular business level. We work with over 100 firms globally, helping our clients allocate resources effectively and productively.

Sustainable Performance Management Strategies

We help our clients answer questions critical to their business performance. Some of the topics covered in this study include:

Business Performance

  • How do industry profit margins vary across different types of firms?
  • Per dollar of revenue, how much do firms spend on investments, sales, and operations?
  • How much are specific expenses, such as rent, benefits, and travel, as a percentage of revenue?

Staffing Levels and Global Expansion

  • What were absolute and relative staffing levels in investments, sales, and operations?
  • Where have firms expanded globally and how have they dealt with the challenges of operating in Asia?

Value and Profit Sharing

  • How much were investment professionals paid as a percentage of revenues and how has that changed over time?
  • What were compensation and benefits payout rates and how were compensation and benefits structured?
  • What were bonus payout rates relative to profit?
  • How was the overall pay pie divided between investments, sales, and administration?