Wealth Management Client Experience

Together, McLagan and Scorpio Partnership use market leading performance and customer insight databases to build strategies that respond to the evolving challenges of the modern wealth manager. We help you to connect the dots between client experience, wealth manager performance indicators, and business results.

Leading Consumer Insight and Strategy Consultancy

Scorpio Partnership works with institutions in the wealth management, private banking, fund management, regulation, IT, insurance, charity, and not-for-profit sectors.

U / HNW Interviews Conducted

Management, Staff, and Intermediary Interviews

Bespoke Assignments for Global Wealth Industry

Years Combined Experience in Wealth Management

Our team proudly maintains industry-leading proprietary databases of client insight, human capital pay/productivity, and wealth manager business performance. We offer wealth managers a holistic and unique line of sight into targeted competitive landscapes. We provide our clients with deep analytics by combining client experience, rewards, and performance data to provide a full picture of a firm’s performance and improvement opportunities.

The Scorpio Partnership Process

The wealth management sector is ultra-competitive and highly fragmented. Engaging with high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals can often prove challenging. Subsequently, the wealth management sector suffers low levels of innovation at a time when customers are seeking it more than ever before.

Success comes from being extremely methodological, and we have therefore developed a program of four disciplines designed to help businesses create what wealth needs next:

Talent & Rewards


Value generation starts with insight. We bring insight to your business based on unparalleled access to private banks, family offices, private investment managers, and global thought leaders in the wealth market. We've carried out more face-to-face interviews with HNWs, UHNWs, and family offices than any other firm worldwide.


Retirement & Investment


The next generation of HNW individuals are looking for big ideas. They're surrounded by creative brands and fresh thinking. They are increasingly demanding the same from their wealth management suppliers. We turn the insights we've gathered into strategic hypotheses and ideas for product and service development. We consult with senior management and orchestrate strategic thinking. We test concepts and create end-to-end strategic plans that capture the imagination of stakeholders and the approval of the board.


Health & Benefits


Great ideas don't come to fruition by chance. They take detailed planning and preparation to go to market with the success they deserve. We work with our clients and a select group of external partners to shape businesses for change. Internally, we train our clients' staff, create sales targets and strategies, and prepare budgets and timing plans. Externally, we plan the marketing, brand, and product and service development, priming your business for impact.


HR Operations


Great insights, ground-breaking ideas, and best laid plans are of no value until they are implemented. We provide a guiding hand in the practical process of making things happen. We work alongside the chief decision makers in your organization and in conjunction with our network of specialist partner agencies to put plans into action.

About Scorpio Partnership

Scorpio Partnership is the leading client insight and strategy consultancy to the global wealth industry. The common objective across all of Scorpio’s work is to orient business to deliver what wealth needs next.

The Scorpio team specializes in understanding and researching a cross section of wealthy clients from UHNW individuals to wealthy investors and the mass affluent. We benchmark client behavior and opinions, focusing on the financial institutions, private banks, family offices and wealth management brands that they interact with.

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