Wealth Management Financial Benchmarking

Our financial benchmarking capabilities help performance-driven firms use data in their business improvement processes. Working with the leading private banks and brokerage firms, we enable our clients to track their performance relative to peers with benchmarks that are truly consistent in accounting approach and business segment.

Deep, Global Expertise

With staff in Asia, Europe, and the United States, our wealth management benchmarking experts have extensive experience supporting private banks, brokerage firms, and boutique operators globally. Quarterly and semi-annual reports cover market share of production, assets, advisor headcount, average productivity, branch costs and profitability, advisor experience and production profiles, and recruitment activity all in a competitive context.

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Brokerage Financial Benchmarking in the United States

We provide financial benchmarking expertise to leading U.S. retail brokerage organizations to measure their relative performance, productivity, and profitability against competitors. We provide a comprehensive view of total business results as well as underlying front office, management, and infrastructure economics.

Our consultants work with clients to help them understand annual firm performance growth and market share of client balances and revenue by product category. We provide reports that illustrate revenue mix by investments, including fee-based and transactional, and banking, including lending and deposits, and measure ROA. The reports include detailed cost analyses in a variety of compensation and non-compensation line items. Our cost ratio analysis allows for comparisons among firms of different sizes and headcount data allows the ability to calculate multiple performance metrics based on specific roles and functions.

Our intelligence helps firms answer key business questions, such as:

  • How cost efficient are we compared to our closest peers?
  • What further efficiencies should we expect to achieve given our size?
  • Which support functions have the greatest scope for improvement in cost efficiency?
  • What are the greatest sources of cost variances relative to peers, compensation costs vs. non-compensation costs?

The level of reporting that we offer clients differentiates our financial benchmarking reports from others in the industry. Our reports measure and rank:

  • Revenue, Assets, Number of Accounts, Staffing, Expenses, and Profitability
  • Return on Assets (ROA)
  • Productivity per FA, Field Head, and Line of Business Head
  • Detailed Expense Line Costs for Compensation and Non-Compensation Costs
  • Field, Middle Office, and Support Costs by Function
  • Staffing Levels by Function
  • Payout Ratios

We use non-public financial information that is normalized so that benchmarks are truly consistent in accounting approach and business segment, giving clients enhanced abilities to compare financial performance relative to peers in the market. Our results are scoped by channel and location and we present to our clients’ senior management teams on a semi-annual basis.

Quarterly Financial Benchmarking for Private Banks in Asia, Europe, and the United States

Our quarterly financial benchmarking reports provide timely, periodic feedback on industry financial performance and compensation funding ratios that assist firms in calibrating appropriate compensation funding levels and setting business performance goals.

Since 2003, we have produced and distributed our quarterly financial benchmarking product to participating firms. We bring additional meaning to our current data by showing time trends in certain elements and highlighting quarter-specific trends.

We collect 25+ data elements from participating firms on a quarterly basis, and these elements encompass business financial results, employee headcounts, client counts, and client balances. Other elements include:

  • Cash Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Deposit Balances
  • Loan Balances
  • Long-Term Incentives
  • Net New Assets
  • Pre-Tax Profit
  • Revenues
  • Salary Expenses
  • Staffing Levels

Connecting Performance to Client Experience: Scorpio Partnership

Together, McLagan and Scorpio Partnership use their market leading performance and customer insight databases to build propositions that respond to the evolving challenges of a modern wealth manager. We focus on assessing the impact of client experience on a range of wealth manager key performance indicators at both a market and advisor level. We help you connect the dots between customers, advisors, and business results.

For more information on our partnership with Scorpio Partnership and how we can help you connect rewards, performance, and client experience data in your firm, please click here.