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Our global commodities compensation data is the leading source of pay benchmarking for all firms active in the commodities trading markets. Our coverage includes energy / commodity firms, oil companies, and private trading houses and global investment banks. Insights span the full spectrum of commodities trading and risk management. 

Global Scale

Our team takes a global approach to helping clients navigate the often volatile commodities industry, providing annual rewards benchmarks and customized analyses which includes key data to help firms manage their human resources more effectively across the globe. Countries / regions covered by this survey include Canada, China, Hong Kong, Latin America, Pan Europe, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. 

Commodities Firms Globally

Financial Services Firms Globally

Countries with Reported Results

Global Data Points Collected

To view past participants in our global commodities compensation data, click here.

Comprehensive Compensation Intelligence

Our survey data can help you establish pay standards confidently, across each reward element on a job-by-job basis. The compensation elements we cover include:

  • Base Salary
  • Cash Bonus
  • Long-term Awards (RSUs, Deferred Cash)
  • Total Cash (Base Salary and Cash Bonus)
  • Total Compensation (Total Cash and LTI)

Coverage of Key Roles and Product Areas

We collect data on front office / revenue generating and operational roles specific to the commercial trading business.

Front Office and Revenue Generating Roles

  • Chartering
  • Commodity Trade Finance
  • Freight
  • Origination
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Shift Trading
  • Structuring, Financial Engineering, and Quants
  • Trading

Operational Roles
Physical Operations

  • Demurrage and Claims
  • Physical Operations Multi-Role
  • Scheduler
  • Shipping Operations and Traffic Management
  • Vetting

Trading Operations

  • Clearance, Settlements, and Investigations
  • Documentation, Confirmations, and Contracts
  • Operations Project Management
  • Trader Support and Middle Office
  • Trading Operations Multi-Role

Asset Classes
Energy Cross Product

  • Carbon Emissions
  • Coal
  • Crude and Oil Products
  • Derivatives
  • LNG
  • Natural Gas
  • Power and Electricity
  • Renewables

Metals Cross Product

  • Metal / Alloys
  • Precious / Bullion


  • Traditional Soft Products
  • Grains and Oilseeds
  • Softs Multi-Role

Annual Roundtable

Each year, we hold roundtables in multiple locations for representatives across the industry to share knowledge on hot topics, compensation trends, and business challenges that affect reward and human resources professionals.

Moving Beyond Pay: Market Intelligence and Insights

We offer a broad range of Market Practice Studies run on an annual basis. These studies provide clients with the deep industry knowledge and insights needed to maintain competitive position, drive organizational change, execute long-term business strategies and drive results. Some of our Market Practice Studies include:

  • HR Policies and Practices
  • Long-term Incentive and Mandatory Deferral Plan Study
  • Merit Budget and Salary Study
  • Methods of Pay

All studies can be customized specifically to the commodities business where participation allows. To learn more about McLagan Market Practice studies, click here.

Survey Pricing, Access, and Support

Please contact McLagan for details on pricing.

Survey purchases include 24/7 access to the McLagan Client Portal. This puts survey results and insights in reach at all times.

All survey clients are assigned a dedicated relationship manager to provide benchmarking support during the survey input, position and employee level analysis, and access to webinars and roundtables where clients receive the latest in hot topics in the market and networking opportunities with industry peers. We provide a variety of rewards and compensation advisory solutions to assist clients with their compensation, performance, and talent strategies.