McLagan Market Practice Studies

McLagan provides industry insights and the knowledge necessary to remain competitive, execute long-term business strategies, and drive results. 

Moving Beyond Pay: Industry Practices

Beyond compensation surveys, McLagan offers a broad range of Market Practice Studies throughout the year for clients. These studies provide clients with an objective perspective on how their firms compare on talent, rewards, and performance practices within financial services, as well as their specific industry segment.

For a printable overview of our market practice studies by topic and region, please click here.

Firm-Wide Market Practice Studies

  • Asia-Pacific Benefits and HR Policies Study
  • Change in Control Study
  • Control Function / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Study
  • HR Policies & Practices Study
  • Infrastructure Graduate Study
  • Infrastructure Pay Practices Study
  • Job Architecture in Financial Services Study
  • Long-Term Incentive / Mandatory Deferral Plan Study
  • Salary Budget Survey and Year-End Schedule Study
  • Severance Study
  • Trends in Compensation Level & Practice / Quarterly Finance Benchmarking (QFB)
  • Turnover Rates

Every year we also run a variety of pulse studies based on hot topics from the industry and what we are hearing from our clients.

Asset Management Market Practice Studies

  • Asset Management Benefits Study
  • Asset Management MBA / BA Policies and Pay Practices Study
  • Asset Management Proxy Disclosures for Executive and Board Compensation Study
  • Asset Management Quarterly Financial Benchmarks
  • Asset Management Severance Practices Study
  • Asset Owner Pay Practices Study
  • Asset Management Graduate Study
  • Asset Management Turnover Study
  • Investment Team Pay Practices Study
  • External Wholesaler Pay and Productivity Study
  • Implementing UCITS V Remuneration Requirements in Asset Management Firms Study
  • Long-Term Incentive Plans / Mutual Fund Deferrals
  • Mutual Fund Wholesaling Business & Pay Practices Study
  • Performance Intelligence / Pay & Business Benchmarking
  • PMs and Investment Teams: Paying for Performance Study
  • UK Gender Pay Study

Alternative Asset Management Market Practice Studies

  • Alternative Asset Management Benefits and Perquisites Study
  • Alternative Asset Management Expenses and Staffing Study
  • Hedge Fund PM Pay and Productivity Study
  • Private Equity Analyst and Associate Study
  • Real Estate Investment Management Pay Practices Study

Banking / Capital Markets Market Practice Studies

  • Investment Banking Analyst Pay Levels & Practices
  • Investment Banking Predictive Study
  • Investment Banking Productivity Study

Consumer Banking Practice Studies

  • Call Center Incentive Plan & Staffing Study
  • Mortgage Banking Incentive Plan Study
  • Mortgage Banking Sales Effectiveness (Pay & Productivity) Study
  • Retail Branch Optimization Study
  • Retail Regional Management Study

Insurance Market Practice Studies

  • Insurance Pay Practices Study

Regional & Community Banking Market Practice Studies

  • Commercial Lender Productivity
  • HR Policies and Practices
  • Retail Banking Market Practices

Wealth Management Market Practice Studies

  • Asia-Pacific Private Banking Financial Benchmarking Study
  • Asia-Pacific Private Banking Recruit Ramp-Up Study
  • Investment Management Study
  • Wealth Management Investment Expert Pay and Productivity Study

Customized, Client Requested Market Practice Studies

In addition to our standard Market Practice Studies, we often work with clients to define customized studies to address their specific needs. Our consultants work side-by-side with clients to co-create questionnaires and define appropriate peer groups to suit client needs. Once we administer and receive results from the survey, we work with clients to interpret the results and apply to their firms.

To explore options in sponsoring your customized Market Practice Study, please reach out to your relationship manager or learn more here.

Market Practice Studies Pricing

Fees for Market Practice Studies vary based on business sector, topic, and scope of the study. For more specific details, please contact your relationship manager. Market Practice Studies are produced for clients only.