McLagan Other Financial Services

In addition to the wide range of financial services segments, our teams provide specialized expertise in compensation for financial guaranty and rating agencies and proprietary trading firms.

Proprietary Trading Compensation Survey

As many proprietary trading firms are continuing to grow, we are positioned to provide firms with the ability to evaluate performance and reward challenges. We provide data that help our clients with recruiting and retaining top talent with the effective use of pay for performance programs.

Our compensation data for proprietary trading compensation firms provide in-depth compensation level benchmarking for all the roles that exist within the firms, including both front and back offices, such as: 

  • Financial Engineers / Quantitative Staff
  • Front Office Developers
  • High Frequency Traders / Market Makers
  • Information Technology
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Management
  • Support Roles, including Finance, HR, Compliance, Legal, Operations

We hold an annual roundtable for the proprietary trading survey peer group in Chicago focused on talent, rewards, and performance trends pertinent to human resources and compensation professionals within the industry.

In response to the increased need to attract and retain top technology talent to the proprietary trading space, we have developed a cross-industry study that takes a deep dive into absolute pay level, compensation design, and use of equity in compensation plans across FinTech, hedge funds, technology, private equity, and prop trading firms.

Financial Guaranty & Rating Agency Compensation Survey

Our compensation data for financial guaranty and rating agencies cover functional areas within financial guaranty firms, rating agencies, and private mortgage insurers. Past participants in the survey program include leading bond and rating agencies, mortgage insurers and other financial guaranty firms located in North America and the United Kingdom.

Although these firms differ in business models and organizational structures, the skill sets for certain positions are comparable across the three sectors. Functional areas include:

  • Executive Management
  • Business Development
  • Structuring / Underwriting / Analyst
  • Risk Management
  • Quantitative Analysis / Modeling
  • Surveillance / Portfolio Management
  • Workout / Remediation

Contributors to this survey also have access to the broader McLagan survey data for firms within debt capital markets, public finance, fixed income research, and infrastructure and support.

Survey Pricing, Access, and Support

Please contact McLagan for details on pricing.

Survey purchases include 24/7 access to the McLagan Client Portal. This puts survey results and insights in reach at all times.

All survey clients are assigned a dedicated relationship manager to provide benchmarking support during the survey input, position and employee level analysis, and access to webinars and roundtables where clients receive the latest in hot topics in the market and networking opportunities with industry peers. We provide a variety of rewards and compensation advisory solutions to assist clients with their compensation, performance, and talent strategies.