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Adjusting to a New Normal: It’s Time for HR to Rethink Workforce Metrics

The economic downturn is forcing many organizations to take quick action to manage costs. However, it’s equally important for business leaders to look beyond the short term and keep an eye to how the future can be shaped by actions taken now. As we imagine a path towards recovery, organizations must identify critical job roles that will help them navigate through uncertainty and the long-term implications of having a remote and dispersed workforce.

HR will play an important role in long-term planning. Leaders need to think beyond cost-containment exercises and consider transformational changes to the ways of working afforded by this opportunity. HR can help develop a thoughtful and targeted approach that optimizes people costs while also positioning organizations to come out of this crisis stronger. There are three areas business leaders should focus on: how work gets done, where it gets done, and what tools get the work done as shown below.

In this article, we’ll explore each of the three categories of critical HR metrics that business leaders should drill into as they balance cost containment with the future of work.

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