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The Spotlight: Patrick Connell, Partner, Global Head of Banks

Patrick Connell leads McLagan’s global banking consulting practice, specializing in providing
performance and reward guidance to a wide range of financial services clients. His areas of
expertise include advising clients on pay, productivity, staffing, and expense control issues,
designing compensation programs to support client business objectives, and managing
comprehensive compensation and benefits reviews. Patrick joined McLagan in 1996 and has led
engagements for major U.S. and foreign institutions including banks, capital markets institutions,
financial advisory consulting firms, and government sponsored enterprises.

Reimaging Rewards: How to Compete for Today’s In-Demand Digital Workforce – and Win

Industries across the board are being reimagined and reshaped by digital convergence. Creating a total employee experience that attracts, motivates, and rewards key players in a fast-moving, digital environment will require a holistic approach to designing compensation and rewards programs. This white paper provides a step-by-step approach that allows organizations to identify, attract, and retain the talent they need not only today, but also as they plan for future workforce needs.

Using Job Architecture to Enable Digital Transformation

Companies across all industries need a job system that supports a changing workforce. This white paper discusses how digital transformation is altering job architecture and provides tactics for revamping your architecture to meet new demands.

Saying Goodbye to Bruce McLagan

We are saddened to share that one of our founders, Bruce McLagan, passed away Thursday, August 1, 2019.

Employee Rewards Q&A: What Firms Should Know Going Into Year-End

McLagan’s Employee Rewards Team recently hosted a webinar to highlight key topics that are trending in compensation within the financial services sector and provide actionable steps for firms to take as we head into year-end. This article tackles some of the most pressing questions we received and offers helpful advice for how to analyze, design, and administer pay programs that are aligned with your business goals.

McLagan ODD IQ Services: Know Where Your Firm Stands

In today’s competitive environment, many asset management firms face fundamental challenges, including attracting and maintaining institutional assets. Knowing how your firm stacks-up against your peers when competing for mandates is crucial. To address this need from an operational perspective, McLagan is introducing ODD IQ. This case study article provides two examples of how ODD IQ helped in what might have otherwise been a negative situation for asset management firms.

Keeping Some Control Over Your Control Functions

The benefits of using aggregate pay benchmarking in your human capital strategy.

Loosening the Reins on Regulation for Foreign-Invested Financial Institutions in China

China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission attract further investment into the financial services sector.

The Spotlight: Liz Snyder, Associate Partner, Insurance & Rewards

Liz Snyder is an associate partner and part of McLagan’s global insurance and rewards teams, leading compensation design engagements across all industry segments to help clients build customized rewards and human capital strategies that support their unique business requirements.

To Proactively Manage Pay Equity, Companies Must Take These Three Steps

To proactively address pay equity issues, firms across industries must move beyond treating it as a one-time audit exercise and instead manage risks on an ongoing basis.

Banking Support Function Costs

A decade since the credit crisis, the world’s major banks are still struggling to bring costs under control. Having gone through multiple cost reduction programmes post-2008, firms are under continued shareholder pressure to increase return on tangible equity. This article looks at function costs trends and assesses the measures with the greatest potential to transform long-term costs.

How HR Can Use Job Title Data to Ensure Consistency and Boost Retention

Utilizing survey data around job title norms can help HR professionals keep an active pulse on the market and determine whether their job leveling systems need updating.

Journey to the Center of Pay Equity: Using Technology to Improve Transparency

This article, first published in WorldatWork’s Workspan magazine, dives into the complexities around the issue of pay equity and how organizations can move toward more transparency.

Financial Services: Looking Forward to 2020

Putting 2019 into perspective and anticipating what’s to come with insights from some of this year’s top performing articles.

8 Reasons Your Sales Compensation Plans are Not Working

Ensure your sales compensation programs are aligned for success by avoiding these common mistakes.

The Spotlight: Karl Mischenko, Associate Partner, Financial Technology

Karl Mischenko heads McLagan’s global financial technology practice, providing clients with compensation benchmarking and human capital advisory solutions. He serves as the global relationship manager for many of the leading FinTech providers and assists clients across a full range of pay-related advisory services and products. Karl also supports the firm’s banking sectors, focusing primarily on infrastructure support areas including information technology.

For an Effective Job Levelling Approach, Follow These Five Steps

Job levelling is an important component for managing rewards structures. But many firms try to force a method rather than adapting the process for what fits the needs of their business.

5 Steps to a Well-Executed Merit Cycle

Getting the right data to make informed pay decisions is critical to maximizing your merit budget. We explain the kinds of data you need and how to apply it.

Considerations for Your Total Rewards Strategy in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic creates a wide range of challenges for business leaders to consider. When it comes to total rewards, here are the key issues to address.

Managing Sales Compensation Amidst Growing Economic Uncertainty and Volatility

As the humanitarian and economic impacts of COVID-19 continue to grow, organizations are actively reevaluating their business plans and sales targets. Below, our experts share insights on the warning signs to look for, along with short-term actions you can take to relieve pressure.

For Financial Services Firms, COVID-19 Means Navigating Uncertainty on Many Levels

In the midst of an ongoing humanitarian crisis and growing economic concerns, financial services firms should take a step back to thoroughly assess and evaluate their operations.

Employers Are Doing Their Best to Avoid Layoffs

Originally published in WorldatWork’s Workspan Daily, Aon’s Liz Snyder and Brooke Green discuss strategies for managing costs to avoid layoffs or furloughs in the economic downturn.

Rethinking Equity Compensation in Response to COVID-19: Addressing Outstanding Grants

As firms consider ways to adjust employee pay due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic slowdown, the decision points around addressing outstanding equity awards are especially complex. Here are factors to consider by type of equity vehicle.

Today’s Crises Will Test Corporate Boards; Here Are Five Ways to Build Resiliency

Given the enormous risks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and a renewed focus on social justice issues across the United States and globe, boards that have begun to address ESG issues in a material fashion will be better positioned to navigate current and future challenges. Below, we examine five steps boards can take to ensure they have the right processes in place.

Navigating Incentive Decisions in Times of Uncertainty in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Firms should proactively start thinking about adjusting their short- and long-term incentive schemes to better prepare for an uncertain economic future and ensure they are well- positioned for the road to recovery.

Back to the Future: Three Ways to Calibrate Your Sales Force to Survive a Downturn and Pursue Future Growth

During an economic downturn, sales leaders should place their energy into three critical focus areas to limit business erosion and support the development of long-term growth strategies.

Adjusting to a New Normal: It’s Time for HR to Rethink Workforce Metrics

The current health and economic crisis has upended the way we do work and requires organizations to go beyond everyday HR metrics to optimize costs and drive growth during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. To begin the work, start with these key workforce metrics.

Why Investing Time in Survey Benchmarking Now Will Pay Off Later

Putting effort into benchmarking your firm’s pay against relevant industry peers will make long-term compensation planning more effective.


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