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A Checklist for Conducting Board Evaluations

A quick guide for implementing a process that will ultimately benefit board performance and oversight.

Published: April 2020
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How Competitive Are your Salary Increase Budgets?

How are banks and financial services firms based in the United States differentiating their merit increases? Find out in this infographic.

Published: March 2020
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Are You Ready? Preparing for the 2020 Proxy Season Starts Now!

Don’t wait! Proactively preparing for 2020 meeting and filings will mean a less chaotic and (dare we say) stress-free proxy season. To get you started, we’ve created a list of a few key items to consider help your company avoid surprises and ensure the best possible outcome at your upcoming shareholder meeting.

Published: November 2019
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A Recap of 2019 Say-on-Pay Voting Results at Financial Services Companies by Industry

The insurance industry saw an increase in companies falling under one or both proxy firms’ Board Responsiveness Policies as well as declining average support for pay votes. These results signal that some investors are unwilling to provide corporate issuers the benefit of the doubt in a continued trend of escalating CEO pay levels and more volatile stock prices. Nonetheless, average say-on-pay support is still very strong for banks, diversified financial services and insurance companies.

Published: October 2019
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How To Make the Most of Your Location Strategy

Location strategy is top of mind for financial services firms as a means for both tapping into high quality talent pools and cost effectiveness. With today's rapid changes in technology, tight labor markets, and economic uncertainty, periodically reassessing where your staff is located is a beneficial practice to adopt for your business. This infographic takes a closer look at optimal locations for in-demand talent, and discusses key factors to consider for a successful location strategy.

Published: August 2019
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Engage Your Employees at Regional and Community Banks

The most successful banks know it takes engaged employees to deliver great results. It's not just about having the best lending rates or branch locations - it's about the people. Talent drives the performance of your bank more than any other investment you make. From competing with Fintech firms to the evolving role of branch personnel, having the best and most motivated people has never been more important.

Published: August 2017
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