McLagan Investment Industry Coverage

We have expertise specific to investment services sub-sectors to help clients make data-driven decisions.



Today collateral is the principal means of access to financing for commercial banks. Effective collateral management requires unique blend of skills, which requires firms make data-driven decisions to collateral managers attract, retain, reward and deploy the best talent. Firms must invest where it counts with clients and contain costs.


Corporate treasurers make choices every day based on judgments about risk and reward. These decisions are crucial to corporate success, which is why they demand high-quality talent supported by excellent banks. Practitioners must balance the strategic, tactical, and integrate both short- and long-term financial needs.

Direct Custody
and Clearing

We help sub-custodians understand their place in the competitive landscape. Our data helps clients keep resources and revenue aligned, attract and develop talent, engage employees, retain clients, and secure new business. Even more, we help clients understand how costs, output, and operational performance compare with competitors.

Financial Markets

Firms must attract and retain the best talent across risk, default, and operational management to ensure they reduce their risk, while operating with limited budgets and demanding governance standards. Our clients benefit from benchmarked executive and staff compensation data tied to measures of user satisfaction with the services.


Great talent is required for driving results, so we help our clients identify the best people and design their roles. We partner with clients to structure how limited resources are applied and measure the costs and productivity of their operations by asset class and territory. Our team provides the information needed for data-driven decisions.


Success depends on understanding the accounts that are likely to move and client perception and satisfaction insights. Our data helps global custodians benchmark their direct and indirect costs, the quality of their services, and their relative productivity against the market to ensure they are making sound decisions.


To stay ahead, service providers and their customers must understand the quality of their clients' experiences. Our data ties the quality of services to the cost, competence, and stability of the people providing them. We have a team of industry experts to assist clients in interpreting and acting on analytics to drive results.


Our compensation benchmarking data and knowledge of remuneration structures in the industry help fund managers attract top talent and provide insights into which investment banks are best suited to provide additional services. We provide data that supports a comprehensive understanding of the market and relative benchmarks.


High turnover levels is a symptom of instability and increased cyber-security risk. Our comprehensive database helps IT vendors improve productivity and performance. We work with clients to hire the best talent and interpret client satisfaction data to stay competitive in the market and make effective financial decisions.

Payments and
Trade Finance

We help firms anticipate changes in the buying We help firms anticipate changes in the buying behavior of their clients. Our data on headcount and total rewards structures in transaction banking offers insights into how competitors are changing. Our team helps clients understand what it means and costs to maintain competitiveness.