Corporate Treasury

Corporate treasurers make choices every day based on judgments about risk and reward. These decisions are crucial to corporate success, which is why they demand high-quality talent supported by excellent banks. Practitioners must balance the strategic, tactical, and integrate both short- and long-term financial needs.

Challenges in the Current Landscape

Corporate treasury is the most wide-ranging of financial disciplines. It covers payments, the management of cash flow such as payables and receivables, the investment of surplus liquidity, fundraising for working capital and projects, and the management and control of risks. This means practicioners must be able to effectively balance strategic and tactical decisions and integrate short- and long-term financial needs in the context of the broader business strategy of the company. In addition to day-to-day tasks such as improving liquidity management, collecting receipts from customers more quickly, and deciding whether to rent, lease, or buy, acquisitions have to be integrated, markets opened, and new messaging standards adopted.

A number of current market trends have intensified these challenges. Mounting regulatory costs, the shrinking availability of bank credit lines, increased volatility in currency, commodity and energy prices, and accelerating technological change have increased the demands on corporate treasury teams and the banks which support them. Just as the financing needs and risks of companies vary by sector, the intensity of these challenges differs by sector, too. However, in every industrial and commercial sector, corporate treasury now requires more than strict control of cash, knowing how much money is available, and raising more money, and at what cost. In fact, managing often conflicting demands successfully requires an extraordinary range of skills and the support of innovative and service-minded banks.

Gain Business Insights to Make Informed Decisions

We work with clients to provide strategic insights and up-to-date information enabling clients to:

  • Secure top treasury talent and design competitive total rewards solutions
  • Identify and monitor performance of innovative, high-performing banks and assess competitors to better grow market share
  • Measure customer satisfaction to inform decisions about talent and product strategies
  • Deepen knowledge of operational risk to ensure development of robust operations plans
  • Benchmark treasury costs to assess business performance decisions

Corporate Treasury Compensation and Client Experience Intelligence

Our team provides a comprehensive set of surveys that support data-driven compensation decisions and both client and employee satisfaction. Our surveys include:

  • Employee Satisfaction in Bank Treasury Departments
  • Compensation in Treasury Services
  • Corporate Satisfaction with Treasury Services of Banks