Global Custody

Success depends on understanding the accounts that are likely to move and client perception and satisfaction insights. Our data helps global custodians benchmark their direct and indirect costs, the quality of their services, and their relative productivity against the market to ensure they are making sound decisions.

Challenges in the Current Landscape

Owners and managers of financial assets invested around the world entrust their safekeeping to global custodian banks. They provide custody services in multiple markets through a single service agreement with a fund manager or institutional investor, relying mostly on the sub-custodian banks that they appoint to look after client assets in each market.

Institutional investors and fund managers that use the services of a global custodian value the convenience of buying all the services that they require from a single bank and globally consolidated reporting of their holdings. They also expect the bank to recover any lost assets. This obligation is relatively novel, but increasingly reinforced by regulation, especially in European depositary banking, and represents a substantial risk to the global custodian banks.

The consolidation of the global custody industry over recent decades is at risk to become systemic since four out of five dollars of assets in global custody are controlled by just four global custodian banks. In such a mature and concentrated industry where risks are large and market share is enlarged by acquiring competitors' clients, it is essential to remain competitive on costs and service quality without sacrificing financial strength. Global custodians that motivate talent, contain costs, implement robust processes, and continue to innovate are more likely to curb risks and win business.

Gain Business Insights to Make Informed Talent and Business Decisions

We work with clients to provide strategic insights and up-to-date information enabling clients to:

  • Benchmark your costs against industry peers in order to control them effectively
  • Secure top industry talent and design effective total rewards packages and engagement programs
  • Analyze competitors and enlarge market share with innovative services
  • Identify accounts at risk and use client feedback to improve services
  • Bolster business processes and measure employee productivity

Global Custody Financial and Employee Engagement Intelligence

Our team provides surveys that help that provide comprehensive compensation and employee engagement data. Our surveys include:

  • Compensation in Global Custody
  • European Depositary Bank Customer Satisfaction
  • General Ledger and HR Systems Data Downloads
  • Global Custody Customer Satisfaction
  • Staff Engagement in Global Custody