To stay ahead, service providers and their customers must understand the quality of their clients' experiences. Our data ties the quality of services to the cost, competence, and stability of the people providing them. We have a team of industry experts to assist clients in interpreting and acting on analytics to drive results.

Challenges in the Current Landscape

The range and volume of activities that banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, and fund managers outsource to third party service providers has increased in the last 25 years. This reduces cost by transferring a function previously performed in-house to a related or third party organization that can do the work at lower cost, either through economies of scale or by re-locating the work offshore. Alternativel, some firms remove the need to invest in acquiring the capability at all.

In the securities industry many of the functions that are outsourced are operational, including settlement, asset servicing, and fund valuation. However, outsourcing risks under-performance, loss of actual and tacit knowledge, negative impact on customers, and lack of direct control of costs, investment, information, and resilience. In extreme circumstances where an outsourcing provider fails, it can be difficult to recover by transferring the work to an alternative provider or bringing it back in-house. This is why regulators have expressed concern about the impact of outsourcing on the effectiveness of their own regulation of financial institutions and have discouraged the outsourcing of some activities altogether. All of which argues for regular and systematic assessments of third party insourcing or business process outsourcing (BPO) service providers to financial institutions.

Gain Business Insights to Make Informed Talent and Business Decisions

We work with clients to provide strategic insights and up-to-date information enabling clients to:

  • Measure outsourcing versus insourcing costs and understand cost / revenue ratios
  • Compare pay policy and practice to ensure total rewards packages are competitive in the market to attract and retain top talent
  • Gain insights in to the customer experience and assess service quality
  • Monitor performance to service level agreements and key performance indicators
  • Measure market share and define competitive business strategies to stay ahead of the curve
  • Measure the quality of data analytics for sound decision making

In-Sourcers Compensation, Engagement, and Business Intelligence

Our team provides surveys that help you make decisions about your employees, customers, and business strategies. Our surveys include:

  • Compensation in Financial Services Outsourcing
  • Customer Satisfaction with Outsourced Services in the Securities Industry
  • User Satisfaction with Securities Industry In-Sourcers