IT Vendors

High turnover levels is a symptom of instability and increased cyber-security risk. Our comprehensive database helps IT vendors improve productivity and performance. We work with clients to hire the best talent and interpret client satisfaction data to stay competitive in the market and make effective financial decisions.

Challenges in the Current Landscape

Technology vendors play a key role in the financial services industry. Every bank, investment bank, broker-dealer, and fund manager makes use of products and services supplied by vendors. Employees of vendor companies often remain onsite for weeks or months as hardware and software are installed, data is converted, and the new system is integrated and tested. Coding errors can expose vital systems to temporary or permanent loss of service or cyber attack. Since client and proprietary data is stored on systems, vendor products, and services are a major source of risk to the confidentiality of company data.

After a system is installed, the ability of training classes, maintenance support, help desks, online diagnostics, and documentation of the system to educate users and resolve issue quickly, especially out of normal office hours, can be vital to meeting customer needs. In fact, major installations, refreshed by regular software updates and additions of processing capacity, create a degree of dependence that makes it essential for buyers to assess the performance of their vendors regularly in a systematic way.

The business continuity and disaster recovery plans of IT vendors have to be assessed and reassessed continuously. It is important to collect feedback from staff using vendor systems and to measure the pay and performance of the staff employed by a vendor. Turnover levels and customer satisfaction should be monitored to avoid undue cyber security risks, which means firms need the best talent.

Data-Driven Talent Decisions

We work with clients to provide strategic insights and up-to-date information enabling clients to:

  • Benchmark compensation by location and grade
  • Benchmark and analyze cost by location and function
  • Measure productivity and monitor relative service quality
  • Assess the risk posed by and staff turnover at vendors
  • Perform technology gap analysis

IT Vendors Compensation and Customer Satisfaction Intelligence

Our team provides surveys that help that provide comprehensive compensation and customer satisfaction data. Our surveys include:

  • Compensation for FinTech
  • Compensation in Information Technology for Financial Services and Technology Firms
  • Customer Satisfaction with IT Vendors