2016 Articles

McLagan Launches Integrated Data Service to Help Custodian Banks Solve Business Problems

Custodian banks are under pressure. Regulation is increasing the cost of capital, liquidity and technology, making it hard to deliver higher service quality, rising profits and shareholder value. To help custodians make better-informed decisions in this challenging environment, McLagan has formed McLagan Investment Services to provide crucial business information to custodian banks.

Cutting Costs Without Damaging the Business Requires Detailed Information About What is Working and What is Not

In the investment services industry, every bank and fund administrator is under margin pressure. Regulation is increasing the cost of capital and liquidity. Shareholders are increasingly restless about weak share price performance. At the same time, clients are demanding more for less, in terms of both service quality and risk transfer.

Custodians Should Seize the Opportunities Created by the Digital Revolution

Under the burden of low interest rates, expensive regulatory compliance programmes and rising capital and liquidity requirements, custodian banks are struggling to create value. But the digital revolution is a great opportunity for custodian banks to escape their current predicament and seize control of their commercial destiny, McLagan Investment Services co-lead Dominic Hobson told the industry in his address to the NeMa conference in Dubrovnik on 16 June 2016.