McLagan Investment Services Solutions

Our integrated, comprehensive approach ensures your business delivers maximum return on investments.


Talent & Rewards

We have been providing clients with global, world-class compensation analytics for over 50 years. Our team integrates comprehensive compensation intelligence with talent solutions across the employee lifecycle, allowing our clients to recruit, retain, and engage top talent, bringing organizations from ordinary to the extraordinary.

Performance Benchmarking
& Analysis

Firms must rely on performance analytics to build market-focused organizations, improve returns on human capital, and monetize client impact. Our performance benchmarking and analysis brings powerful capabilities to shed light on how talent, organizational design, and culture connect to financial, operational, and customer performance.


Good business strategies start with a clear, accurate assessment of what customers think of the business. We aim to provide clients with the objective information they need to compare performance with competitors and make informed decisions to best serve clients, improve services, and develop competitive products.