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McLaganLive is our dynamic, cutting-edge compensation platform empowering you to turbocharge your compensation strategy from start to finish. Our interactive platform puts you in the driver’s seat as you explore compensation data, evaluate your firm’s market competitiveness, and make better data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

We enable smarter compensation decisions through data and innovative tools. To learn more, click the links below:


Market Price Jobs

Hiring for a new executive position? Analyzing your firm’s competitiveness for a key role? Stay on top of market pay levels in a few clicks with our Job Pricer App.

Now, you can explore detailed market compensation data for specific jobs, analyze compensation levels for jobs scoped by region, and visualize both internal market data view and a customized benchmark view of your firm’s pay position relative to the market.


Ensure Market Competitiveness

Whether you are a global firm with thousands of employees or a local firm with tens of employees, understanding your organization’s compensation position relative to the market is key.

With our Aggregated Market Position App, you gain a big-picture view of your organization’s market competitiveness and the ability to interactively, drill into specific business groups, functions and areas. Use this tool to identify where your firm is above or below market, visualize opportunities to recalibrate compensation across the organization, and analyze total spend by compensation element.


Reward with Confidence

Assessing your top talent’s pay relative to the market empowers you to make critical compensation decisions quickly and boldly.

With our Employee Market Position App, you can create custom compensation reports for specific groups of employees. Now you can compare and analyze compensation elements across a range of statistics for your employees, your firm and the market. Use this powerful tool to identify top-paid employees and those with the greatest variance to market.


Model Out Pay

Top talent is more important than ever to your firm’s success. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could safeguard against counteroffers with a solid understanding of your market competitiveness? We certainly think so.

That’s why we developed the Pay Calc App, which allows you to model individual pay levels and pay mix using market context. With this app, you can dynamically model proposed values for each compensation element and examine scenarios relative to the market and your firm’s pay position.



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Our secure online platform, allows you to customize, visualize and dive deep into your firm’s compensation data. And because the world is changing quickly, we constantly innovate and develop new tools to give you an edge. Learn more about our exciting recent developments:

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