Beyond Compensation Benchmarking

Attracting and retaining the workforce of the future means looking beyond pay. We work with clients to provide an objective perspective into how their firms compare with peers across human capital trends, employment practices and performance alignment, making our market practice studies the perfect companion piece to compensation benchmarking. Use the links below to explore the topics we cover in our study offerings:


Diversity and Inclusion

As developing a diverse and inclusive workforce becomes a clear business priority, it’s time for HR leaders to act. Understanding how your firm’s workforce diversity and polices compares with that of other leading firms is the key to getting started.

With this study, you’ll gain key insights into diversity ratios for employee groups across gender and race, new initiatives to increase diversity, and whether formal diversity policies increase workforce diversity. Contact us for study availability in your industry and region.

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Hiring Practices

In today's competitive labor market, attracting employees remains a critical priority. Whether implementing a trainee program; recruiting new grads, including MBAs; or forming an offer for experienced hires, you need insights to inform your strategy.

Our studies cover a wide range of critical topics, including hiring strategies and schedules, compensation methodologies and recruitment program structure, providing actionable insights into compensation rates, pay practices, program size and structure, training programs and recruiting strategies.

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Pay and Productivity

From infrastructure roles and sales associates to external wholesalers, private bankers and top executives, the how and why of compensation matters.

Our pay and productivity studies deliver qualitative and quantitative insight into the design and structure of compensation plans for top producers, key design elements of incentive plans, prevalent performance metrics and pay levels in the context of performance. We offer industry- and regional-specific studies to ensure you’re addressing attributes that matter most.

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Short- and Long-Term Incentives

When it comes to making an offer to a prospective hire, base salary is only the beginning. Often, the decision to accept or reject an offer hinges on the incentives a company provides.

Our multi-sector, global study includes quantitative and qualitative data on long-term incentives and mandatory deferral plan practices and covers types of plans, coverage, eligibility criteria, vesting schedules and more. We also offer region- and industry-specific coverage, including asset management and wealth management.

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Technology/Workforce of the Future

In the face of unprecedented events and disruption, firms have dramatically accelerated their reliance upon technology tools and talent. Now is the time to double down on key technology talent.

We have studies that can help set you on the right path with insights into attracting the talent required to build digital initiatives, pay insights and location strategy

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Turnover and Severance

It’s inevitable even the strongest workforce will experience employees leaving the organization. The key is to understand why your people are leaving, at what rate, and how attrition compares to your peers.

Our studies provide key insights into how your firm’s severance policies compare with peers, turnover levels and trends by function and seniority. Studies are available by industry, region and across sectors.

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Custom Market Research

Our industry experts will work with clients on customized market research. Please contact us to learn more.

To view a list of additional cross-sector studies, click here.


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