Incentive Plan Design

Our consultants combine firm performance, compensation market data, and talent strategies to understand the quantitative and qualitative information that can be used to align sales and firm performance for maximum effect. We work with our clients to tie productivity to build effective sales organizations.

Customized Incentive Planning

Employee Rewards | Refining Your Approach to Market Data
By partnering with clients, we are able to co-create incentive plans that align with client business and talent goals.

To execute a business strategy successfully, your goals and sales quotas must strike a careful balance between on-the-ground market realities and the desire to drive exceptional growth. Using a wealth of market data on actual quota levels and quota design factors, we help clients develop highly-targeted and achievable performance objectives that align with business strategy and territory potential.

Our knowledge of the banking industry and market information from our surveys guide us when creating incentive plans that drive performance by aligning employee objectives with the firm’s performance for our clients. We work with clients to include careful data-driven consideration of key factors including:

  • Administration
  • Employee Motivators
  • Compensation Costs
  • Eligibility
  • Goal Setting
  • Market Competitiveness
  • Metric Selection
  • Risk Management


Employee Rewards | Refining Your Approach to Market Data

Cash Incentive Plan Design

We work with HR and business leaders to develop innovative short-term incentive plans for executive and staff level employees across the firm as a whole and within specific business lines. Plans are designed in the context of our clients' strategic and operating plans, the competitive landscape, and expectations of shareholder advisory firms.

Specific specialties of our team include:

  • Executive incentive plan design
  • Employee incentive plan design specific to business lines such as mortgage lending, commercial lending, and retail banking
  • Plan funding and cost modeling
  • Employee communication
  • Accounting and tax considerations
  • Compliance guidance, e.g., mortgage incentive compensation rules and financial advisor rules


Employee Rewards | Refining Your Approach to Market Data

Equity Incentive Plan Design

We assist clients in the design and implementation of market-based equity incentive plan strategies grounded in our expert knowledge on bank compensation practices. Our proprietary compensation database equips our team with unparalleled information on key equity program features for both executive and staff-level employees that allows us to best serve our clients' needs.

Specific topics that we address with our clients include:

  • Accounting and tax
  • Equity award size
  • Equity vehicle mix
  • Grant depth within the organization
  • Plan documentation and award agreements
  • Shareholder approval support
  • Special situations such as new hires and retention awards
  • Vesting schedules