Is Your Bank Ready for the CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure?

Katrina Gerenz is quoted in this article, which highlights the implications of the 2018 proxy statement requiring most public companies to start reporting their CEO pay ratio.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Overtime Rules and Flexible-Work Options

Mark McGraw wrote an article on the Human Resources Executire magazine discussing new research that finds many employers responding to the new DOL overtime rules by cutting flexible work options and what HR must consider while implementing and communicating such changes.

Source: Human Resource Executive Online

Bank Compensation: How Banks are Changing Bonus Plans

Todd Leone and Gayle Appelbaum are quoted in this article speaking to CEO compensation being tied to performance.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Dodd-Frank Section 956 Re-Proposal

Gayle Applebaum wrote this article, which outlines the latest implications of the Dodd-Frank Section 956 Re-Proposal.

Source: Western Independent Bankers, Directors Digest

Sound Incentive Compensation and Risk Implementation

Rob Northway's and Gregory Camarco's comments in the Risk Management Association's Operational Risk / ERM Audio Conference regarding interpreting recent regulatory guidance are covered in this article.

Source: The Risk Management Association

M&A and Better Economy Buoy CEO Comp

Todd Leone is quoted in this article, noting that smaller banks recovered more gradually from the recession and that banks with $10 billion to $25 billion in assets dropped "hard and fast" in 2009, but recovered quickly.

Source: Banking Exchange

The Current Status of Dodd-Frank Act Compensation Rules

Todd Leone and Liz Kiley co-authored an article regarding the current movement to finalize several compensation provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act Compensation Rules.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Are Your Board Communications Secure in a Changing Regulatory Landscape?

Liz Riley authored this article regarding the requirement to improve risk management and compliance in a business environment with increased regulatory regulatory pressures and a heightened focus on improving board oversight and communication.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Mind These Gaps

Todd Leone is quoted in this article on how to avoid losing key talent in the face of a merger.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

The Importance of Competitive Pay

McLagan is referenced in this article regarding the firm's expertise in executive financial package design and structure.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

It’s a New Day in Executive Pay

Todd Leone is quoted in this article regarding trends surrounding stock options.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Say-On-Pay Trends at Banks: Proxy Firms Increase “No” Recommendations

Jim Bean authored this article the latest on Institutional Shareholder Services' (ISS) recommendation patterns for management say-on-pay (MSOP) votes at bank shareholder meetings.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Compensation Regulation and Dodd-Frank: Where Are We Four Years Later?

Todd Leone authored this article about making sense of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the Dodd-Frank Act) and the impact of the act on compensation.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

A Postcard From the Compensation Conference

Gayle Appelbaum is quoted in this article regarding pay trends during the financial crisis.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Getting Shareholders to Say “Yes” to Your Pay Plan

Todd Leone is quoted in this article regarding the recent approval of annual say on pay advisory vote made by Honolulu-based Territorial Bancorp's board.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Banks Prepare for a Maze of New Rules on Incentive Pay

Jim Bean is quoted in this article regarding the trend to shift toward deferral of bonuses over a period of as many as three to five years to encourage retention.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Is It Time For Bank Directors to Get A Raise?

Jim Bean is quoted in this article regarding his opinion on giving bank directors a raise.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Will Citigroup Shareholders’ “No” Vote Change the Compensation Game?

McLagan is referenced in this article regarding recent advice from the firm on how to avoid a vote against ISS.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Conference Report

Todd Leone is quoted in this article regarding statements at Bank Director's Bank Executive & Board Compensation conference about compensation trends in the industry.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Trends in CEO Pay: Work Now, Get Paid Later

Todd Leone is referenced in this article regarding his comments on trends regarding the use of full value equity plans, stock options as a form of equity compensation, and performance plans.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

The Down and Dirty of Compensation Risk

Gayle Applebaum is quoted in this article, speaking to the resistance from senior managers to clawbacks and defferals being built into many incentive plans that her bank clients are experiencing.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

McLagan Names Michael Burke President and Brian Dunn Chairman

Michael Burke is named as President of McLagan, with Brian Dunn moving into the role of Chairman. Dunn will continue to serve as CEO for the broader Global Compensation practice of Aon Hewitt, the global human resource consulting and outsourcing business of Aon Corporation (NYSE:AON).

Source: Aon Media Room

Embracing a Broader Mandate in Bank Compensation

Todd Leone is mentioned in this article regarding his role as moderator of a panel on how to design compensation programs that deliver a competitive edge while still rewarding the CEO and balancing the needs of the company and shareholders.

Source: Bank Director Magazine

Pay by the Rules

Rob Northway authored an ariticle regarding recent developments have turned traditional pay practices upside-down in the mortgage origination field.

Source: Mortgage Banking Magazine