Compensation Survey Analytics

We leverage our survey and market practices study data to provide unique and customized analyses across a range of topics, including incentive pay practices, position titles, and salary grade diagnostics. Our analyses allow you to better understand your firm's competitive position against the market and support data driven decision making.

Corporate Title Analysis

Corporate titles such as EVP, SVP, and VP are highly prevalent in the banking industry. How does your title structure and approach to title management compare to the market?

Corporate titles facilitate a shared understanding of seniority, both with employees and to customers. Understanding the number and types of titles used in the market is an important part of ensuring your practices are relevant externally. At the same time, your title structure should support internal objectives.  McLagan’s Corporate Title Market Practice Study uses information collected from the Regional and Community Bank Survey and covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Number of unique titles used and number of employees with each title
  • Title depth within the organization
  • Corporate title alignment across functional area of responsibility
    • Prevalence of titles across key top management positions
    • Differences across front-office and back-office roles
  • Salary ranges by title
  • Administration guidelines

Salary Structure Diagnostics

Your firm’s salary structure is an internal representation of the market. McLagan’s Salary Structure Diagnostic provides a snapshot of your structure compared to market compensation levels to identify areas of misalignment and to provide information needed to stay competitive. We help clients address:

  • Has your structure maintained its intended shape?
  • Do midpoint differentials and range spreads facilitate internal career paths?
  • Overall, how do the benchmark jobs in your structure compare to market?
  • Cost of labor in your office locations
  • Market salary range movement

Compensation Survey Analytics Pricing

Fees for compensation survey analytics vary based on the topics and scope of analytics. For more specific details, please contact your relationship manager or contact us to express interest by clicking here.

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