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Flash Surveys

Throughout the year we run flash surveys designed to help banks with timely and relevant topics. Our flash surveys range in topics including salary budget planning, merit increases, turnover trends, and response to regulatory trends. Results for all flash surveys are complimentary and limited to participants only.

Salary Budget Planning and Turnover Trends Flash Survey

Our Salary Budget Planning & Turnover Trends Flash Survey covers both merit increases and salary structure increases. Participants were asked about planned salary and pay structure increases as well as actual prior-year increase amounts. The survey also covers employee turnover trends, voluntary and involuntary, among participating firms across key position groups, such as tellers, lenders, IT, and compliance / risk positions.

In past years, we have had over 175 firms participate in this flash survey. Participants have included public and private banks as well as credit unions throughout the country.

FLSA Overtime Regulations Flash Survey

In 2016 we conducted a FLSA Overtime Regulations Flash Survey covering the proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act that the Department of Labor announced in May 2016.

Participants were asked how their organizations plan to respond to the anticipated changes in minimum FLSA salary thresholds and related provisions, including salary adjustments, job reclassification, staff reductions, incentive plan changes, and workweek hour limits.

We had 169 firms participating in June 2016, which spanned public and private banks and credit unions throughout the country.

As regulations are updated, we will release timely flash surveys to help firms navigate the changes as they relate to their business strategies.

Commercial Lending Practices Flash Survey

Commercial lending is the bread and butter of regional and community banks, but the business has never been more competitive or complex. It’s not enough anymore to know how much to pay – you have to know how to pay it, when to pay it, and what to expect in return. As an abbreviated version of McLagan’s full Commercial Lending Productivity and Market Practices Study, this Flash Survey provides participants with foundational information on commercial lending department structure and incentive practices in the market. Participants are asked how they structure their commercial lending departments, what type of incentives are utilized and how frequently, and expectations for team leaders, among other items.