Market Practice Studies

Beyond our compensation survey, we offer Market Practice Studies annually. These studies go far beyond providing competitive pay values and provide clients with deep industry knowledge and insights needed to maintain a competitive position, drive organizational change, execute long-term business strategies and drive results.

Moving Beyond Pay: Industry Practices

We provide Market Practice Studies specific to regional & community banks, as well as over 50 studies across financial services. For an overview of our market practice studies by topic and region across financial services, please click here.

Commercial Lender Productivity and Market Practices

The commercial lending market is being shaped by increasingly fierce competition for both business and talent along with a heightened focus on risk. This study helps firms stay ahead of the emerging market trends in the design and structure of compensation plans for top producers.

Topics covered in this study include the following policies and practices:

  • Payout Frequency
  • Adjustments
  • Performance Objectives
  • Referral Plans
  • Clawbacks
  • Mandatory Deferrals
  • Triggers and Caps
  • LTI Prevalence
  • LTI Award Vehicles
  • Compensation Trends
  • Incentive Plans, including Types and Targets

  • Loan Production Volume
  • Commercial Relationships
  • Portfolio Size
  • Portfolio Manager
Recruiting and Retention
  • Entry-level Requirements
  • External Recruiting
  • Turnover
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Non-Solicit Agreements
  • Retention Bonuses
  • Sign-On Bonuses
  • Unvested Equity Buyouts

  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Development
  • Portfolio Manager
Other Policies
  • New Lender Training
  • Perquisites

To register for participation in the Commercial Lender Productivity Market Practice Study, please click here.

Retail Banking Market Practices

The Retail Banking Market Practices Study is a purpose built study for regional & community banks and credit unions, focusing on pay practices, organizational structures, and staffing trends.

Topics covered in this study include the following policies and practices:

Branch Trends
Hot Jobs: Compensation difference compared to
traditional roles, position prevalence
  • Universal Bankers
  • In-store retail branches

Staffing and technology trends
  • Headcount / turnover
  • Licensing / registration
  • Branch hours of operation
  • Technology used
  • Customer service evaluation methodology
  • Employee engagement
  • ATM capabilities
  • New branch technology implementation
Incentive Plans
Position Groups: Branch Management, Personal Bankers, Tellers, Customer Service
  • Organizational level of performance impacting
  • Plan type
  • Performance measures used
  • Product-specifi c plan payouts / calculations
  • Target incentive amounts
  • Payout frequency
  • Contemplated future incentive plan changes
  • Sales staff payout diff erentiation between
    customer segments
Regulatory Provisions
  • Prevalence of qualitative or credit risk components in compensation program
  • Sales staff FLSA exemption status
  • Overtime pay calculation methodology

To register for participation in the Retail Banking Market Practices Study, please click here.

Customized, Client Requested Market Practice Studies

In addition to our standard Market Practice Studies, we often work with clients to define customized studies to address their specific needs. Our consultants work side-by-side with clients to co-create questionnaires and define appropriate peer groups to suit client needs. Once we administer and receive results from the survey, we work with clients to interpret the results and apply to their firms.

To explore options in sponsoring your customized Market Practice Study, please reach out to your relationship manager or contact us.

Flash Surveys

Throughout the year we run flash surveys designed to help banks with timely and relevant topics. Our flash surveys range in topics including salary budget planning, merit increases, turnover trends, and response to regulatory trends. Results for all flash surveys are complimentary and limited to participants only.

Market Practice Studies Pricing

Fees for Market Practice Studies vary based on business sector, topic, and scope of the study. For more specific details, please contact your relationship manager. Market Practice Studies are produced for clients only. To sign up for market practice studies, please click here.

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