The most successful firms know that it takes engaged employees to deliver great results. More than ever, leaders need to consider how to retain key staff as competition with other industries grows. We know what it takes to measure and improve real employee engagement to drive tangible business results.

Did you know?

Our extensive employee research shows that a 5-pt increase in engagement results in 3-pt incremental revenue growth.

Employee Engagement Matters

Engagement is not simply about happiness or job satisfaction. It is about involvement, motivation, and effort that ultimately drive business performance. Engaged employees deliver greater productivity, better customer service, superior quality products and services, and more innovative solutions. And in this age of constrained pay and greater regulation, going beyond pay to understand what motivates employees and changes behavior is a critical differentiator.

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Solutions for Financial Services

More than ever, leaders in the financial services sector need to consider how to keep their people engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. 

Leaders in financial services are asking:
  • How engaged are my employees?
  • How do our employees view their work environment?
  • How do we compare to others in our sector?
  • What will have the greatest impact on our firm’s employee engagement?
Our solutions:
  • Proven engagement model and survey tailored to the financial services industry
  • Employee surveys and listening tools throughout the employee lifecycle
  • State of the art technology and online platform for reporting and action planning
  • Leadership enablement to drive engagement

Enhance Your Employee Engagement

Leverage more of Aon and McLagan’s industry-specific analytics and consulting expertise to help you drive change and accelerate performance:

  • Workplace culture assessment and gap analysis to achieve desired state
  • Role-specific engagement-performance-compensation linkage analysis
  • Facilitated action planning workshops and solution-specific consulting, e.g., total rewards, leadership, selection

Why McLagan for Engagement?

Our sector-specific tools, analytics, and insights measure your employees’ engagement and identify where to focus your resources for greatest impact. We are the only firm in the market that offers state of the art technology, industry-leading analytics, and consulting expertise. Our highly experienced team, our new Modern Survey technology platform for continuous listening across the employee lifecycle, and our experience making engagement happen, will help you drive change and accelerate business performance.

Aon Rapid Engagement Survey

As part of our suite of engagement services, Rapid is an ideal solution for mid-sized companies who want a quick, cost efficient way for measuring, understanding, and improving their employee engagement.

It provides a comprehensive level of insight into employee engagement levels using a standard survey, underpinned by Aon’s extensive global benchmark database of over 11 million employees.

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