Assessment & Selection

Firms are competing for candidates with more industries than ever before while looking to maximize performance in an environment with constrained pay and decreased flexibility. We take the guesswork out of hiring by selecting the best talent across levels with accuracy, uncovering the key personality aspects that predict value, fit, and high performance.

Did you know?

Top scoring candidates on our ADEPT-15® assessment tool are 3 times more likely to be top performers and twice as likely to be a culture fit.

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

We help our clients take a scientific approach to select the highest quality talent, uncovering critical personality aspects to predict top performance. Our data is the most comprehensive in the industry and our consultants have the focused expertise to guide and empower our clients.

14 Million
Candidate Assessments Administered

Years of experience with a cadre of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

Unique Items Used to Pinpoint Talent in the ADEPT-15 Assessment

Solutions for Financial Services

Getting hiring right the first time offers a real competitive advantage. We give hiring managers unfiltered insights about an individual candidate's inclination to work as a team player, adapt to change, work under pressure, accept criticism and grow, and lead others effectively. Our solutions have been developed in direct response to the challenges we hear that financial services leaders are facing.

Leaders in financial services are asking:
  • How do we take the guesswork out of hiring?
  • How do we hire for high volume roles while ensuring quality?
  • How do we choose from internal and external candidates for leadership positions?
  • How do we hire for culture fit?
Our solutions:
  • Candidate, key talent, and leader assessments
  • Technology-enabled assessments and simulations for personality, business reasoning, learning agility, leadership potential, sales, and other role-specific skills
  • Measurement and validation
  • Award winning ADEPT-15 assessment tool

Select the Highest Quality Talent

Our ADEPT-15 assessment tool helps you select the highest quality talent, with the greatest accuracy at all levels. We give hiring managers unfiltered insights about an individual candidate’s inclination to work as a team player, adapt to change, work under pressure, accept criticism and grow, lead others effectively – all qualities that are difficult to discern during an interview, on a resume, or through reference checks.

By using the award winning ADEPT-15, you are better equipped to select, promote, and onboard the best candidates who fit the position, your team, and organizational culture.

ADEPT-15 is an industry recognized and acclaimed assessment tool:

  • Human Capital Management Excellence Silver Award for Best Candidate Experience
  • Innovations in Assessment Award from an international association of applied psychologists
  • M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Recruitment Services Innovation Award via the Society for Human Resource Management

Why McLagan for Assessment & Selection?

We have extensive experience in selection, backed by more than 35 years of experience and a knack for innovation, value, and customization. Our tools facilitate quick decision making and transition to next steps for qualified candidates. Our reporting is configured with the end user in mind, to be brief for selection purposes yet detailed for development planning. As a pioneer in assessment and selection, we offer an engaging candidate experience, rigorous measurement and reporting and a library of selection tools for a range of skills required for driving business results.