McLagan Rewards Advisory Services

We work with our clients, balancing quantitative and qualitative data to solve their most pressing rewards challenges.


Compensation Design

Our consultants work with management and compensation committees to provide direction in benchmarking pay and performance for strategic executive and director compensation programs. We specialize by client type, such as global, national, or U.S. regional to address our clients’ unique needs.


Our consultants work with clients to help them navigate the multitude of regulatory agencies that global financial institutions interact with throughout the year. We help our clients optimize their compensation strategy, in light of the unique business environment and the changing regulatory landscape.

Compensation Design

Our compensation consultants help financial services firms improve performance through strategic reward design and risk reviews. We emphasize a balanced analytical approach in developing and implementing total rewards solutions that focus on business strategy, financing, and tax considerations.

Sales Effectiveness

Our consultants combine firm performance, compensation market data, and talent strategies to understand the quantitative and qualitative information that can be used to align sales and firm performance for maximum effect. We work with our clients to build effective sales organizations.

Pay Analysis

We provide firms with a complete understanding of their market position, which allows firms to gauge the competitiveness of their pay by location, complexity, and footprint. Our custom analyses help firms prioritize their pay decisions, ensuring that they can attract and retain top talent and adhere to their compensation philosophies.

Market Research

Insights from market research help business leaders shape product and communication strategies by instilling fact-based, decision making processes instead of relying solely on intuition. We work with our clients to understand market trends of how competitors structure their total rewards packages so they can set competitive compensation strategies.

Job Architecture

We work with clients to apply a customized compensation philosophy to their job alignment and leveling approach. We partner with clients to give a structure and harmony to their job architecture. We've found that this ties directly to firm performance and employee engagement at our clients' firms.