Consumer Banking

Firms of all sizes rely on the McLagan survey platform to navigate the nuances of consumer banking markets across the world. With coverage across all major business lines, including consumer lending, credit cards, mortgage banking, merchant services, and digital banking, McLagan surveys are designed to meet your compensation benchmarking needs. Learn more about our consumer banking surveys, using the links below:


Database Scope

The McLagan Consumer Banking Surveys provide HR and compensation professionals with access to rewards insights covering more companies, incumbents and countries on a single survey platform than any other data provider. Our surveys span:




Roles with Reported Results


Incumbents with Reported Results


Countries with Reported Results

Participating Firms

Across the consumer banking industry, firms of all sizes rely on McLagan’s Consumer Banking Surveys to identify, attract and retain the workforce that will transform the future of their business. We have a track record of working with the world’s leading firms, including:

  • 10+ of the Largest U.S. and International Banks
  • 20+ of the Largest Merchant
    & Acquirer Services Firms
  • 85+ Mortgage
    Banking Firms

But that’s only scratching the surface of the leading firms—including the largest U.S. and international banks, global credit card issuers, mortgage banks and more—enrolled in our database. Navigating today’s competitive talent market demands compensation data from a robust set of peers. We’ve got you covered so you can take a data-driven approach to compensation decisions.

► To request a full list of participating industry peers, please click here.

Job Library

The McLagan Benchmarking Code is designed to capture the uniqueness of each firm type and the talent needed to support it. Employees are matched according to a globally consistent process drilling into each role’s attributes, area, focus and job level. We cover highly targeted consumer banking functions and areas, including:

  • Asset Pricing & Appraisal
  • ATM Management
  • Auto Finance Operations
  • Branch Teller
  • Capacity Planning & Forecasting
  • Card Portfolio Management
  • Client Implementation & Delivery
  • Client Services Delivery
  • Collections Strategy 
  • Consumer Group Services
  • Digital Banking Support
  • Fraud Management
  • Head of Bancassurance
  • Head of Card Portfolio
  • Head of Consumer Lending
  • Head of Contact Center
  • Head of Credit Cards
  • Head of Deposits
  • Head of Education Loans
  • Head of Emerging Payments
  • Head of Investment Products
  • Head of Islamic Banking
  • Head of Merchant Services
  • Head of Origination
  • Head of Premier Banking
  • Loan Product Development
  • Portfolio Retention
  • Relationship Management
  • Secondary Marketing
  • Underwriting

In addition, our surveys provide benchmarking data for enabling functions and core roles, including communications, finance, human resources, operations, risk management, technology and treasury.

► To request the McLagan Consumer Banking Surveys job lists, please click here.

Compensation Data Elements

McLagan surveys empower decision-makers to set pay with confidence across numerous rewards elements on a job-by-job basis and cover all direct forms of pay, including:

  • Salary
  • Cash Bonus
  • Bonus Eligibility
  • Commissions
  • Deferred Cash
  • Stock Salary
  • Performance Vested Award
  • Overtime
  • Overtime Eligibility
  • Allowances (cars, housing, role based, etc.)
  • Production Value
  • Carried Interest Participation

What Sets McLagan Apart?

We partner with firms across the globe to assess their pay level competitiveness, align pay systems with business strategy and achieve superior levels of people and business performance. Here's how:

  • A Dedicated Team
    Each client is matched with a dedicated relationship manager who is available to provide support at every stage of the survey process—from job matching to interpreting results.
  • Exclusive Industry Events
    Each year, we host exclusive client roundtables and webinars designed for networking, connecting with industry leaders and staying informed about industry trends and best practices.
  • Industry Partnerships
    We lead the way with an annual mortgage banking industry compensation survey that has been highly recommended by the Mortgage Banking Association for more than a decade.
  • Unmatched Insights That Go Beyond Compensation
    Our market practice studies provide rich insights into human resources, compensation, and performance practices, including diversity and inclusion; technology staffing and pay; recruiting, training and development; as well as other critical topics.
  • We're a Trusted Resource
    You'll get faster buy-in on key compensation decisions when you use McLagan data. Board members, C-suite leaders, HR professionals, and recruiters know and trust the McLagan name.

Pricing, Access & Support

McLagan survey fees vary based upon your benchmarking goals. To request pricing information for the McLagan Consumer Banking Surveys, please click here.

All subscriptions to McLagan surveys include 24/7 access to McLaganLive, our online survey reporting environment.

Our dedicated team is committed to supporting clients throughout the survey process—from input to employee matching to analyzing results. A relationship manager will be your contact for training and inquiries every step of the way.


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