McLagan Data Confidentiality Policy

McLagan serves its financial services clients by providing objective market facts combined with judgment from experienced consultants to support important client decision-making. Such benchmarking activities are generally viewed as pro-competitive, as the information gathered can assist companies in forecasting overall costs and promoting their efficiencies. McLagan plays a critical role as a trusted data aggregator and analyst that protect the confidentiality of clients’ data, complies with anti-trust guidelines, and improves efficiency of the markets where our clients compete.

McLagan endeavors to increase organization participation to deliver a robust and valuable view of the market for clients. We treat each company's data submissions in the strictest confidence and do not release company-identifiable survey data. McLagan strives to fall within safe harbor guidelines in all of our information sharing. Surveys and select group reports for all firms who receive US reports should include at least 5 peer firms in addition to the subject firm. In other cases, we strive to meet this criterion, but can publish with as few as 4 firms, including the participating firm.