Investment Banking

Our compensation benchmarking data and knowledge of remuneration structures in the industry help fund managers attract top talent and provide insights into which investment banks are best suited to provide additional services. We provide data that supports a comprehensive understanding of the market and relative benchmarks.

Challenges in the Current Landscape

The corporate finance groups within investment banks help corporate issuers raise equity and debt finance. The equities and fixed income divisions of the same institutions enable clients to buy and sell the issued securities, borrow and finance those securities, and hedge the associated market, currency, and interest rate risks in the derivatives markets.

Chief among their clients are institutional, mutual, and hedge fund managers that buy and sell securities on behalf of end-investors. This entails investment banks offering fund managers a range of services. They include trade execution and settlement, securities lending and borrowing, margin financing of debt and equity securities, portfolio and post-trade reporting, introductions to investors, and consulting, compliance, real estate, and recruitment advice.

Fund manager ability to capture alpha depends on their ability to maximize the value of these services, which depends in turn on their ability to choose investment banks and manage them effectively. However, their alpha-generating capabilities depend even more on their ability to attract and motivate talented portfolio managers and operational leaders.

Make Informed Talent and Business Decisions

We work with clients to provide strategic insights and up-to-date information enabling clients to:

  • Benchmark compensation levels and structures, aligning compensation with regulation and talent strategies
  • Benchmark execution costs and compare costs and revenues of prime brokers
  • Understand operational costs and gain insights into margin terms
  • Compare fees, commissions, and spreads and understand the value of your business to the bank
  • Prepare for due diligence visits

Investment Banking Compensation and Customer Intelligence

Our team provides surveys that help that provide comprehensive compensation and customer satisfaction data. Our surveys include:

  • Compensation in Equities
  • Compensation in Fixed Income
  • Compensation in Fund Management
  • Compensation in Funds of Funds
  • Compensation in Fund Sales and Marketing
  • Compensation in Hedge Funds
  • Compensation in Investment Banking
  • Compensation in Prime Brokerage
  • Customer Satisfaction in Securities Lending
  • Customer Satisfaction in Tri-Party Securities Financing
  • Equity Customer Satisfaction
  • Fixed Income Customer Satisfaction
  • Prime Brokerage Customer Satisfaction