The future is here

Clients will soon get access to McLaganLive.
Here's what you need to know.

What's New?

  • A Dynamic Experience – McLaganLive features a custom, interactive way to explore McLagan survey data that your firm has purchased globally. After receiving access to McLaganLive, you'll instantly be able to access McLagan survey results with more flexibility and specificity than ever before.
  • Making the Transition Simple – While we are incredibly excited to share McLaganLive with you, we know change can be hard. That’s why we are providing clients with training videos, webinars, and a series of transition emails to make it easy to get started with McLaganLive. The McLagan Client Portal that you've been accustomed to remains fully supported.
  • The Premium Experience – With client feedback, we've developed premium apps to give clients deeper and more customizable analytics in the platform. Contact your McLagan relationship manager for more information.

When Will I Get Access?

  • Rollout Plan – Starting in 2018, all clients who have confirmed their McLagan survey purchases will be given access to their survey results via McLaganLive.
  • Check Your Status – If you are unsure of your firm's purchase or purchase agreement status, reach out to your  McLagan relationship manager or to
  • Learn More – To learn more about McLaganLive, access our training videos or contact your McLagan relationship manager for a custom demo.

What Should I Look Out For?

  • Welcome Email – Once your firm receives access to McLaganLive, you will receive welcome emails inviting you to log in. From there, you'll immediately get to use McLaganLive with the same credentials you use for the McLagan Client Portal. If you have any questions about access rights for users at your firm, please reach out to your relationship manager.
  • Regular Updates – We'll keep you informed as more features and apps, continue to be developed and rolled out. Clients will retain access to the McLagan Client Portal for data submission and download.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I log in to McLaganLive now?
    Unless you've received a welcome email specifically inviting you to log in to McLaganLive, you won't be able to log in at this time. Your current log in credentials for the McLagan Client Portal will be the same credentials used for McLaganLive.

  • Why is a log in link for McLaganLive available on the McLagan website now?
    A limited number of clients who participated in our product development process already have access to McLaganLive today. These clients are actively helping us test and prioritize new features, making the platform even better for your firm.

  • Will my log in credentials for McLaganLive be the same as for the McLagan Client Portal?
    Yes. If you have not logged in to the McLagan Client Portal recently, we encourage you to reset your password today by clicking here. Your password expires every 90 days.  
  • Can I get a sneak peek of McLaganLive?
    Yes! To learn how to use McLaganLive, watch our Getting Started with McLaganLive tutorial. To learn even more, watch our tutorial videos on accessing compensation benchmark data for individual positions in Job Pricer, modeling individual pay levels and pay mix in Pay Calc,  building custom reports in Management Summary, and creating custom Excel reports in Data Extractor.

  • What are some of the key differences between McLaganLive and the McLagan Client Portal?
    The new McLaganLive platform enhances McLagan survey delivery and makes it easier for you to pull custom views of compensation data relative to the market. In contrast to the McLagan Client Portal, which allows clients to download standard PDF and Excel survey results files, McLaganLive allows you to dynamically interact with the market data.

  • How do I access the McLaganLive premium apps?
    Reach out to your McLagan relationship manager or email