McLagan RCB Compensation Surveys

We have been providing clients with global, world-class compensation analytics for over 50 years.


Regional and Community Banking Compensation Survey

We help banks and credit unions understand market pay practices and assess their competitive position. The Regional & Community Bank Survey is the largest U.S. compensation survey of its kind and provides customized and comprehensive data on salary, bonus, commissions, long-term incentives for 700+ bank and credit union positions.

Market Practice

Beyond our compensation survey, we offer Market Practice Studies annually. These studies go far beyond providing competitive pay values and provide clients with deep industry knowledge and insights needed to maintain a competitive position, drive organizational change, execute long-term business strategies and drive results.

Survey Analytics

We leverage our survey and market practices study data to provide unique and customized analyses across a range of topics, including incentive pay practices, position titles, and salary grade diagnostics. Our analyses allow you to better understand your firm's competitive position against the market and support data driven decision making.

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Survey of U.S. banks above $1B in assets